Digital Content Manager


  • Mailigen is an Email Marketing Automation platform, providing service to clients worldwide; LeaderSend is a Transactional Email Platform that is powered by Mailigen;
  • We are helping our customers rise and tell their stories through email for nine years; 
  • We have offices in 5 countries and clients in 120+ countries;
  • Delivered more than 10 billion of our customers' emails worldwide;

We are seeking a Digital Content Guru, who will be responsible for planning, writing, and creating great digital content. You have to understand how users are consuming content to create texts based on their needs. This role reports directly to the CEO and works closely with web designers, project managers, and developers.


  • Manage all aspects of the content marketing process, ensuring all content is promoted to the right audience;
  • Write blog articles, guest blogs, social media content and email campaigns for marketing purposes;
  • Accountable for all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, customer retention, and leads that deliver sales;
  • Deliver an effective content marketing strategy and editorial plan to meet the business objectives at the lowest possible cost;
  • Create the content our audience is looking for and then optimize the path to conversion;
  • Oversee all relationships with external content producers, taking full responsibility for the commissioning, editing, and delivery of all outsourced content;
  • Manage social media, create and distribute Mailigen newsletter, create and publish new whitepapers and other resources;
  • Learn how Mailigen platform works in order to provide accurate instructions in blog articles and other documents; 
  • Edit content so it is consistent with our brand voice, style, and tone;
  • Measure and optimize the content strategy on a regular and ongoing basis;

Required skills:

  • At least 2 years of experience working in the digital sector in a similar role;
  • Fluent in English and Latvian. You must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Project management skills and understanding how to manage the priorities of multiple stakeholders in a complex environment;
  • Focus on the delivery of results in the form of engagement, leads, and sales;
  • Passionate about education and technology. A global and international mindset;
  • You need to be truly passionate about growing an online business through digital content strategies and innovative marketing techniques. You will report directly to the management.

Desirable skills:

  • Experience of creating and managing a wide range of digital content, including videos, infographics, and imagery;
  • Experience with top social media channels - Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and more;
  • Copywriting/ creative writing experience;
  • Experience with WordPress, Google Analytics;
  • Working knowledge and understanding of HTML and SEO;
  • Email marketing experience.

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary + bonuses;
  • Maximum freedom for creative minds instead of convention and hierarchy;
  • Doing instead of talking and testing things out instead of debating them. An opportunity to make your mark and create results;
  • Flexibility in terms of timing;
  • An international and dynamic team to work with;
  • Active corporate life;
  • Comfortable office space;
  • Coffee, tea, sweets, and smiles. J

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