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Connect with your customers and build long-lasting relationships after their initial purchase.
Combine the traditional retail business with a modern upgrade and supercharge your retail
store with the power of Mailigen.

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Generate more leads

  • Build effective email campaigns with our easy to use drag-and-drop editor. 
  • Create referral email marketing campaigns and increase your sales cycle
  • Keep your loyal customers updated with exclusive and premium offers.
  • Get more emails opened with our subject line advisor.


Attract more traffic to your online retail store

  • Create seasonal campaigns that boost your sales all year round.
  • Promote attractive offers and deals to reach sales targets.
  • Take advantage of product replenishment emails to bring customers back to your store.


Target your existing and future customers

  • Create surveys to find out more about your audience.
  • Use the power of our email segmentation to reach and convert your ideal customers.
  • Send personalized emails and build relatable and friendly campaigns with name merge tags.


Build brand awareness

  • Customize your emails to fit your tone of voice and brand.
  • Integrate campaigns with social media channels.  
  • Humanize your brand and tell your story with premade templates, catered to your industry.


Experiment and strategize

  • Use A/B testing to experiment with brand new ideas.
  • Analyze real-time reports and adjust your strategies to save time and money.


Integrate with applications and open API

  • Connect Mailigen with your social media and automatically update your lists.
  • Integrate with pop-ups and landing pages to improve your conversions. 
  • Save time and automate Mailigen with hundreds of other web services.

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